Heat Therapy For Growing Pains

Approximately one in three children between 3 and 18 years of age suffer growing pains: a pain or ache in leg muscles or behind the knees, which usually occur at night.

Growing pains may cause children to wake, but the pain usually subsides by morning. There is no swelling or redness with growing pains.

Growing pains can be present for a few days then disappear for weeks or months.

Heat therapy, such as that provided by Hotties thermal heat packs, is a safe, non-invasive way to relieve growing pains. Simply apply Hottie to the affected area and Hotties soothing, long-lasting, radiating warmth will work to soothe the pain.

Other ideas to reduce growing pains:

  • leg stretches before bed
  • rubbing or massaging the affected muscles gently

Not all children suffer growing pains and while exact cause is unknown contributing factors may include:

  • being overtired
  • doing lots of sport or running
  • sitting uncomfortably
  • flat feet
  • knock knees
  • anxiety, stress or feeling scared

If there is pain in just one leg, the joint is swollen, or it hurts when you move, the pain might be caused by something else. Please see a doctor if this is the case.