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No need to fill with boiling water. No flammable gels, grains or materials. Gentle on sensitive skin. Failsafe.

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Easy to use

Heat in microwave as instructed. Apply.

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Long lasting warmth

Unique, patented design. Remains warm for up to four hours.

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Radiant, gentle, constant heat. Comforts and soothes all aches and pains.

Hottie cover and heat pack


Hottie is free from toxic, explosive gels.

Hottie doesn’t need filling with boiling water nor closing with fiddly stoppers.

Hottie is non-flammable.

Hottie contains no grains or seeds therefore will not mould or rot in damp conditions.

Hottie is failsafe. If overheated, it pops gently and oozes its water content. This is a built in safety feature that prevents Hottie reaching dangerous temperatures and pressures.

Easy to use

Place Hottie in microwave and heat as recommended on packaging or heat pack. (The “heat pack” is the inner, white part of Hottie that slips inside the fabric cover).

Hold on forearm a few moments to check temperature is suitable for your skin type.

Apply as necessary.

When Hottie cools, re-heat in 15-second increments until suitably warm.

Long lasting warmth

The fibres within Hotties unique, patented heat pack heat up when microwaved to give long lasting warmth.

Hotties retain heat for up to four hours.

Because Hottie stays warmer longer, it’s ideal for:

  • people on bed rest or who cannot move easily
  • keeping cosy on car trips and flights
  • keeping warm at winter / outdoor sporting events
  • keeping food warm
  • taking anywhere you might feel the cold or need relief from aches / pains

Simply heat up before you leave home and take Hotties long lasting, soothing warmth with you.

Suitable for every body

When we designed our unique Hottie, we had one body type in mind – every body!

Hottie is suitable for soothing aches, pains or for providing comfort and warmth to pregnant bodies, injured bodies, older bodies, delicate and sensitive skin bodies, child bodies, recovering bodies, working bodies, dog bodies, cat bodies, rabbit bodies... It really is for every body.

Pet Hotties

What four-legged friend doesn’t like to come home from a muddy walk and snuggle in their basket?

Make snuggle time extra comfy with our unique, patented pet Hotties.

Pet Hotties are available with:

  1. A removable, washable cover.
  2. A non-removable cover that is bite, tear and piercing resistant.

Pet Hottie is great for:

  • Keep pets warm in winter or when sleeping outdoors
  • Help pets sleep soundly
  • Comfort newly weaned pets
  • Calm pets on car trips
  • Help settle pets when moving house
  • Soothe pets when visiting the vet
  • Provide pain relief post surgery
  • Comfort and warm lambs, calves and other baby farm animals that have lost or been rejected by their mother

Found a new use for your Pet Hottie? We’d love to hear it. Please email

Other Benefits

Hottie is environmentally friendly

The unique Hotties heat pack is re-usable. With correct heating and care Hottie will last for years.

Where possible, Hotties packaging is made from recycled and recyclable material. We are looking for options to replace parts of our packaging that isn’t recyclable.

Hottie will not rot or grow mould

Unlike wheat packs, you can get Hottie wet. It will dry out and be fine to use as normal. The heat pack will not mould or rot.

Hotties do not sweat

Hotties do not sweat, keeping your skin extra comfy.

Removable / washable covers

Hottie covers are removable* and washable so your Hottie will always look fresh and new.

* The Hottie Pet Warmer bite-resistant cover is not removable.