Arthritis, cold weather and heat therapy

Heat therapy delivered by Hotties can help to relieve aches and stiffness that occur with arthritis, especially during colder months.

Warm, rather than hot heat therapy is recommended for arthritis. Heat therapy should never be painful or burn the skin and constant, long-lasting warmth is most effective for reducing symptoms.

Hotties stay warm up to four hours. When heated as per instructions, the temperature of Hotties is very safe, soothing and comfortable, making Hotties safe for delicate or fragile skin.

How can Hotties help my arthritis?

Hotties are an easy, inexpensive, non-invasive, medication-free way to relieve arthritic stiffness and pain.

Hotties help relieve arthritis symptoms by:

  • increasing flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to stiff / aching areas
  • healing damaged / stiff muscle tissue
  • improving muscle and connective tissue pliability
  • helping joints be more supple and flexible
  • reducing pain signal transmissions

To help lubricate joints Arthritis Research UK suggests gentle stretching movements immediately after heat therapy. Heat therapy often works best when combined with physical therapy and exercise.

Hotties covers

We find many of our customers with arthritis prefer our lambswool or quilted tartan covers. These covers insulate the heat pack much more creating two great benefits:

  1. the heat pack stays warmer for much, much longer, and
  2. the heat transferred from the heat pack to your skin is warm rather than warm to hot.