Bam-Bam Black Faux Fur Hottie

Faux fur has been in vogue since Bam-Bam and Pebbles graced our screens, and now you can stay warm whilst making a vintage statement with our luxury-feel, animal-friendly Bam-Bam Black Faux Fur Hottie.

One of the most popular covers in the Hotties range, our Bam-Bam Black Faux Fur Hottie is the perfect way to bring long-lasting warmth and wild, chic fuzz into your life.

Key features:

  • Cosy, hand-made luxury-feel Bam-Bam Black Faux Fur cover
  • Microwavable fabric
  • Portable, slim and small (approximately 24cm x 22cm x 2cm)
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Includes the Micro Hottie® heat pack

Unless otherwise indicated, the covers for our Hotties products are removable and machine washable. This is an added bonus to the superior safety of the Hotties heat pack.

Hottie covers come in a variety of colours. They are all hand sewn and are available in fleece and cotton blends.


No need to fill with boiling water. No flammable gels, grains or materials. Gentle on sensitive skin. Failsafe.

Easy to Use

Heat in microwave as instructed. Apply.

Long lasting warmth

Unique, patented design. Remains warm for up to four hours.


Radiant, gentle, constant heat. Comforts and soothes all aches and pains.


Use it for relief from aches and pains, to warm up during colder months, to soothe and comfort children. For further information on uses, see our usage information.

Benefits of thermal heat therapy for pain relief

Heat therapy, as provided by Hotties thermal heat packs, is a non-invasive, drug-free way to relieve back pain. It is inexpensive compared to alternative therapies and relieves pain by:

  • increasing flow of oxygen and nutrients to the site of pain, which helps heal damaged tissue
  • reducing transmission of pain signals, which helps relieve pain
  • relaxing soft tissue, which decreases stiffness and helps heal injuries
  • improving flexibility and an overall feeling of comfort

Heating instructions

Refer to the heating instructions on the enclosed safety sheet and on the white Hottie heat pack.

Please note, heating instructions in columns marked 1 and 2 are instructions for heating Hottie from cold (i.e. not recently used or 20°C)

Power Level IEC 705 Recommended heating time from cold (20°C) / not recently used Maximum heating time from cold (20°C) / not recently used Re-heating from recently used / warm
B 650 watts 3 minutes 3½ minutes Remove fabric cover. Re-heat in 15 second increments, testing temperature each time to avoid damage.
C or D 750 watts 2½ minutes 3 minutes
D or E 850 watts 2 minutes 2½ minutes
E 1000 watts 1½ minutes 2 minutes

To avoid damaging your Hottie do not exceed recommended heating times.

Many of our customers have two heat packs and simply heat their second heat pack instead of re-heating the one that's just been used. This helps prevent accidental overheating and damage to your Hottie.

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