Hottie is multi-purpose.

Use it to:

  • soothe and help heal muscle tears
  • soothe arthritic pain
  • warm up in winter
  • relax neck muscles before sleep to reduce teeth grinding
  • soothe back pain
  • soothe all injuries
  • relieve jaw tightness and jaw pain
  • relieve dental pain
  • relieve neck pain
  • relieve pregnancy pain
  • relieve period cramps
  • soothe RSI symptoms
  • warm feet while watching telly
  • aid circulation
  • warm up the bed
  • comfort children (6 years +)
  • warm up children's beds
  • keep warm when commuting to work
  • help with stiffness and pains from sitting
  • warm up bed when caravanning
  • keep food warm (slide Hotties under plates of food)
  • keep warm when picnicking

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